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Solved Computer Issues

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PCHF Member
Jul 11, 2020
My computer's screen shut off yesterday, and after a few seconds the sound died too. I tired a different monitor and cable first, to ensure that wasn't the problem, but no luck. I reinstalled the Ram sticks, and still no luck. I ended up taking out the GPU and that had some effect, as when I booted it up before nothing showed up, but now the bios screen showed once, and then nothing. I tried resetting the CMOS, just to make sure, but I believe it's a problem on the GPU connector. The reason why I am so confused, is that I managed to fix it to an extent. I got a CMOS error message, and set the bios to the default optimized settings, and the pc booted, everything was fine. Used it for what I needed it for, and turned it off like normal. Today again, while I was using it the screen went black, and after a couple seconds the audio died too. I'm in need of some help here, because I'm not sure of the cause
Small update, I tried turning it on, to see how it would act. I got the bios screen, and decided to quickly reset the bios to optimized default again. The pc booted up just fine. I'll post how long it stays on
Not open for further replies.