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Solved complete noob

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PCHF Member
Jul 12, 2020
Hi. I'm pretty much a complete noob to looking in a computer and I've for sure never added any hardware to one, so my question(s) may be considered kinda dumb, but.... I'm trying. My dad used to build computers but he never taught me how to do it and he's completely incapable of that now. The closest I ever came was one time about twenty five to thirty years ago he took me to a computer show and walked around buying things.... I think I was just there to carry his bags, to be honest. LOL

I bought a very cheap and basic gaming computer a few months back because it's all I could afford. So far I like it, although I don't think it'll last a terribly long time. I am streaming some games from steam and epic. I'm not streaming to be popular or for monetary reasons, it's for personal reasons and I don't expect to make money at it, which is a big reason why I went for a cheap one. Anyways, I wanted to put an internal capture card (like an elgato) into it so I could hook up a console, so I was looking around the net and saw I need to have a slot to put it in. Looking into my computer (I know it's kinda dusty...) I'm not seeing any of these slots. I was hoping someone would confirm this for me or tell me if I'm looking in the wrong place. I believe these two pictures are good enough to tell either way.



I also read that newer computers have PCIe cables to hook up graphics cards and whatnot. I believe that's these, if I'm not mistaken, and there's one with six pins and one with two pins.


So my question is... Is it possible to hook up an internal capture card to that cable? And if it is, what adapters and other attachments would I need to get to make it possible? Or am I just completely wrong about everything? :confused: It wouldn't be the first time. I really wanted to get an internal elgato just because I know they're a better brand, but I'm open to looking at other brands that are good but somewhat cheaper if someone has a suggestion, especially if they hook up right to that cable. I know that there are external capture cards, but they require a usb port and all of mine are already in use (you get what you pay for...) and I wouldn't be able to add more because, again, I don't think there's a slot to hook anything else into. I also realize I may not be able to add a capture card at all. Any reply is much appreciated.

Not open for further replies.