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Chkdsk command

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PCHF Member
Oct 28, 2021
Hello everyone!
I need little help. My laptop ran into some problem. I was trying to extend C drive by giving it some space from E drive with 3rd party software. An error popped up and Lp stucked there. Restarted and saw the E drive showing error 'Directory is corrupt and unreadable'. Now I'm running chkdsk command in cmd but getting stucked at some line "1652 reparse record processed". After that bluescreen of death appears on the screen so i had to restart again and again.& Also it stuck at same number on disk check after restart l, so i had to skip disk checking .Anyone who can help me with this?


Forum Regular
Support Team
Oct 8, 2017
Yeppoon, QLD, Australia.
and where is D:\ drive?

whatever partition is next to C:\ has to be shrunk, in order for C:\ to expand into the space that was occupied by E:\ - and if D:\ is in between the two it has more stuff to reallocate. but the software should only allow contiguous partitions to be specified.

I would repartition D:\ (if it's not the CD unit) and E:\ (providing you backup any required data) and have whatever partition to the right of C:\ empty. that way enlarging C:\ is a lot simpler.
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