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Changing to Acronis true Image

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PCHF Member
Jul 12, 2017
I've been using "Acronis Backup" but am thinking about changing to "Acronis True Image 2020" because it can be restored to any disk, not just the type that I backed up. I think that gives me more flexibility if I want to change to a different size disk drive or maybe eventually even to a solid-state disk drive . But I saw in a review that "True Image" takes much longer to back up a disk than the "Acronis Backup" does. Has anyone had any experience with using it and if really is much slower?
I looked at the chart . Most of what is not in True image is not really anything I need. And there's nothing there about comparing backup times. I am confused about the "universal restore". I thought that wasn't available for Acronis backup, only for True image, but the chart says otherwise. I decided to order true image but it hasn't come yet. I'll have to see how it really is once I get it. I suppose there's no reason to keep tis open any more.
Not open for further replies.