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Can only get one monitor to work

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I've been happily using 2 monitors for a couple years. The Other day both screens went dark grey at random and I couldn't escape that so I restated. when it booted back up only my primary monitor was in use, Anyway it turns out that if I turn off my primary monitor and restart the pc , my second one will work fine (as the new primary monitor). I cannot see the second monitor in settings regardless of which one I'm using and I've tried turning off at mains and checking the DP and VGA connections respectively. I just cant seem to get both to work simultaneously, any suggestions would be appreciated.
If you have a different login user, try that one see if the same replicates you can also create a new user and see.

Run SFC to see if that corrects it.

If prefab system, go to the manufacture of the system and download the driver.

If DIY, then go to the manufacture for the GPU and download the driver.

Use DDU to remove the current drive and then reinstall the one downloaded.

Not open for further replies.