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Build 2015: Windows Holographic for HoloLens will support all kinds of apps


PCHF Tech News
Jan 10, 2015

Don't you worry about what you'll do with HoloLens - the developers have got you covered. During its Build 2015 conference, Microsoft has announced Microsoft Holographic, a HoloLens platform for developers, "Focused on you, the dreamers, the creators, the Windows developers."

We knew it was coming, after all it's a developer conference. But hearing more about how HoloLens works and how Microsoft sees us using it has us even more excited for the augmented reality headset.

Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow for new device categories in Microsoft's Operating System Group, went into more detail about the headset, noting that everything shown on stage can be used with the HoloLens, "All universal Windows apps will work with HoloLens," Kipman said.


On the Build stage, Microsoft showed a Windows video app that you can control with simply your voice: Just say "follow me" and the video app moves along as you walk around a room. "We're discovering new uses for holograms every day."

Architectural and medical imaging scenarios were also demonstrated to show the various uses the headset could be employed in everyday work life. The company also showed off some compelling uses for education, namely in the sciences and arts, with full 3D, interactive models of the human anatomy to name just one use case demonstrated.

Other than showing off more cool stuff the HoloLens can do, Microsoft kept mum about an official release date for both the device and the developer platform.



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