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Boot up crash

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Relax Time

PCHF Member
Nov 19, 2023
Hello people i need help my win 10 after update get black screen blinking and after recovery mode its ask me chose operating system i chosed 10 and then my pc is crashed after start it start with logo lenovo and then turn off again start and turn off again i tried many times same thing happened what to do?
I will be very thankful if anyone can help iam not expert for pc from time to time i start him up to let some data on him and there is a problem is there any way to save data from pc? cuz windows is crashing i just wont my data to transfer on my usb disk.
a couple of options.

you could remove the drive from the PC, put it into an external USB enclosure, then plug that unit into another PC and copy your files that way.
it's good to have an external drive anyway, for backups!

or as the PC starts, when you see the Windows logo, press and hold the power button to force a shutdown.
repeat that process about 4 times and eventually Windows will say 'something went wrong, please wait' and it should take you to the Advanced Startup Options screen.
from there you can do a few things like: reboot into Safe Mode, reset your PC, troubleshoot startup issues, etc.
Ok thank you i will try that. Problem is, that my pc won't start. It starts with Lenovo 2-3 sec and then turns off. I was trying force shutdown but before that, it turnoffs by himself. I called technician and he said it could be hdd error preventing bootup. My main concern is to lose personal files seven years of everything is on it.
It's my fault that I didn't do backup of files earlier. It is an expensive school. Next time all go on copy drive or usb.Thank you on reply my friend.🙂
Not open for further replies.