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Solved Bluetooth Not Turning on at Initial Boot

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I installed a new mobo, Asus ROG Strix B550 Gaming-F Wifi II a few weeks ago. Every once in a while when i boot up my system my bluetooth mouse and keyboard will not be connected. I though initially that maybe I just had to turn on the mouse and keyboard before I turned on my PC, thinking maybe the devices were timing out or something and that seemed to work for 2 weeks but now just this morning they didn't connect. Luckily I also have a crappy wired mouse and 2.4Ghz dongle for the wireless keyboard and was able to log into Windows. I had to turn off and turn on bluetooth and then it connected. This is a clean install on Windows 11 and it is updated to the latest version. The mobo BIOS and chipset are updated to the latest versions. My mobo uses the wifi antenna as a bluetooth antenna and i sit only about 2 feet from the antenna so I don't think it's an interference issue. As far as the bluetooth driver it is updated to the latest version. The mouse is a Logitech MX Master 3S and the keyboard is a Logitech MX Keys.

Speccy Report
Have you installed the Logitech unifying receiver software to connect the devices to the PC rather than using Bluetooth direct? Sometimes connecting via Bluetooth doesn’t work correctly.
didn't work. Options opened when I logged on but once again I had to log in using a wired mouse and I had to switch my keyboard over to 2.4ghz from bluetooth for it to work. After turning off and turning on bluetooth in windows settings it connected right away.
Logitech Options + is for configuring their hardware I believe. I’m referring to this:
I have Logitech Mouse & keyboard on 1 unifying receiver. I use this to connect these to the PC rather than the inbuilt Bluetooth.
I didn't have that installed. That program only deals with devices that are usung a unifying reciever. My mouse uses bluetooth and a Bolt receiever and my keyboard uses bluetooth and a unifying reciever. I actually have no problem with the keyboard when I switch it from bluetooth to the unifying reciever, it connects no problem. The problem is that I don't want to have the unifying reciever plugged in. I want to have as many usb ports open and available as possible, that Is the reason why I'm using both the mouse and keyboard on bluetooth. Also since making this post it is still not connecting. I have to either log in using the unifying reciever for the keyboard, then turning off and on bluetooth or restarting my computer also solves the problem.
The Logitech site says:
  • Requires Bluetooth Low Energy Technology
  • Engineered for Intel® Evo™ Laptops
  • Windows® 10, 11 or later
Is your pc compatible with these?
Have you installed any Bluetooth drivers from the pc manufacturer or from the Bluetooth component’s website (perhaps Intel)?

Also try these:
Uninstall the device from device manager and restart Bluetooth service.
Start > services.msc
Right-click "Bluetooth Support Service."
Choose Automatic.
Go to device manager and right-click on your computer name and click "Scan for hardware changes"
Install the Bluetooth device drivers from the manufacturer's website, if any.

If the device isn’t showing under device manager or under show hidden devices then shutdown the pc, unplug the power cable & then reconnect, then go to device manager & see if there’s any unknown devices showing, if so uninstall this & then scan for hardware changes & hopefully Bluetooth will reappear.
Have you contacted Logitech support to see if it’s a reported problem?
Check Device manager & right click on the Bluetooth adapter, select properties>Power management & choose untick Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
Is the Bluetooth support service set to automatic?
jeez., Okay I think you might have solved it. Power Managment for the BT adaptor WAS set to turn off to save power. I always uncheck that with USB ports but never though to do it with the BT adapter. Hopefully that fixed it. I'll let you know tomorrow.
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