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Solved Blackscreen Reboots

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Nov 14, 2023
Hi guys,

I’ve recently upgraded the graphics card from a 1660TI to a 3060 OC and when I’m playing CS2 the computer freezes, screen turns to black and then reboots, all fans start running at maximum power and I need to manually shut it of and then turn it back on to work.

My configuration is R5 5600X, AsRock B450 Pro4 and my PSU is Seasonic Focus GX, 80+ Gold, 550W. Should I upgrade my PSU?

To mention that the issue happens very often when Power Management Mode is set to Prefer Maximum Performance in Nvidia CP and when the above setting is on normal the issue happens from time to time.

Thanks for all the help on this.
while the Seasonic is a great unit, at 550w, you are now skating on the limits of what the new GPU requires.

since the issue only started with the new GPU, you'd have to be thinking it's related - extra power draw, drain on the system, heat produced, cooling required.

also wouldn't hurt to check the air vents, heatsinks, and fans for dust build up, and give them a clean.
Fans were replaced a week before, I have 5 ARCTIC P12 fans. I’ve read they under heavy load GPU+CPU consumption might go as high as 520W. Without upgrading the PSU I cannot check/test unfortunately..
I’ve tested with the old GPU and everything works great under heavy load. I’ve decided to upgrade my PSU to Seasonic B12 BC-750W as it fits my budget and has great reviews/recommendations.
just my 2 cents, and of course, budget permitting but consider getting a bit more watts, say 800 or 850.
what if in a couple of years time (or sooner!) you need the next bigger/better GPU, you'd hate to be forced to get another PSU! (y)
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