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Bingo number generator

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Hi All, Just new on here so not sure where to ask.
Is it possible to download a 90 random number generator for Bingo to use in a village hall without an internet conection ? Possibly a Windows XP

number bingo programe on to a Windows XP and use it in a village hall with no internet conection. What would be the best easiest way to do this,
Thank for any help
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Hi Weeg, I hope I got your name right, very (difficult to read on the black background)
The event is hoped to be regular monthly for the upkeep of the village hall. does it make a difference.?
I dont have the laptop yet but I saw an xp going cheap and so I thought I would ask the experts. Is there a stand alone programme that you know of that would be genuinely random numbers, 1 to 90, each play and not the same order each time?
@veeg found these

Hi PeterOz, I tried the Bingo Caller Pro and cant get anywhere with it. I am begining to think I am out of my depth with all this..
Here are some more..


https://bingocardgenerator.com/bingo-card-generator/ No info on XP compatibility

Most of these are free and some you have to pay.. All were search under XP compatibility..

Also none of these links were not flagged as unsecured...
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