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Battery 255

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Good afternoon, I put my question here to see if you can help me:
I have an Asus G53sw which I can only use with the charger, it seems that it does not recognize the battery since the notification of 255% battery with an X appears.
I have put a new battery and it remains the same, I have started with Linux to see if it is a software problem but the same happens to me. I have tried updating the BIOS but it won't let me because it doesn't detect the battery.
Can anyone advise me?

Do you know if the connection of the batteries is a standard in all laptops to know if I can test that of another laptop?

Greetings and thank you very much.
did you get the old battery repacked, get a new one from ASUS or get a non-genuine one?

and although the connectors are roughly the same, every brand, make and model uses different battery shapes so you won't physically be able to put yor battery into another laptop or vice-versa.
It is a non-original battery but I have checked the voltage on the two largest pins and I think it gives a correct value, 14 Volts. Is there a way to check the battery to rule out that it is not a hardware problem? I do not want to buy an original battery and then see that the problem is the hardware ...
i would take the battery to a battery shop, we have Battery World over here, or someone like Jaycars perhaps.
but if the laptop is fine when on mains power, that would indicate the battery at fault - but you are right, it could easily be the power circuit board or anything else.
sadly it's get it checked somewhere or a suck it and see exercise.
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