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Am I hacked?

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PCHF Member
Jul 18, 2020
Hi there
I have windows 7 and today my monitor started to turn black. When I close and open the power button of the monitor, it is working for 3 seconds and then again turns black.

I tried to take out the cable which connects to the pc and put it again. When I reopen my monitor I saw a window. On the top of that it was saying "data that is collecting" and below it was a list of some files I deleted long time ago. Then I immediately shuted down my pc and took out the internet cable.

What is happening?

I apologize for my pure English, any help will be appreciated.
I am not interested in finding a solution but only to see what may be happening and what is the most possible of those.

What is very weird is the fact that those files were deleted from my pc long time ago. If anyone could give me an idea what can be happening I would be very grateful.
Please download the FRST 32 bit or FRST 64bit version to suit your operating system. It is important FRST is downloaded to your desktop.

If you are unsure if your operating system is 32 or 64 Bit please go HERE.
Once downloaded right click the FRST desktop icon and select "Run as administrator" from the menu"
If you receive any security warnings, or the User Account Control warning opens at any time whilst using FRST you can safely allow FRST to proceed.
FRST will open with two dialogue boxes, accept the disclaimer.
frst disclaimer.jpg

  1. Accept the default whitelist options,
  2. If the additions.txt options box is not checked please select it.
  3. Then select Scan
Frst will take a few minutes to scan your computer, and when finished will produce two log files on your desktop, FRST.txt, and Addition.txt. They will display immediately on the desktop, but can be reopened later as a notepad file.

Please Copy and Paste the contents of these logs in your next post for review by our Security Team
Not open for further replies.