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All Programs have a VERY HIGH POWER and 10% or less CPU usage issue

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I will use shot cut, and press S to split the video, or do other small stuff with ANY program. The system 100% locks for 5 to 50 minutes. CPU and RAM never get above 50% usage.

But power usage goes from VERY LOW to VERY HIGH and until it goes away from VERY HIGH I cannot use the system for anything.

Also takes a good hour to boot past the bios to windows.

NOTE: I can play video games on it no problem, but anything not video game related windows 10 doesn't like.

Problem started when the system was 6 months old (It's a IBUYPOWER gaming desktop that ran $2000).
Fresh reformat/install of windows ten did not fix the problem.

Ibuypower just responded to my tech request from a month ago to say "we are sorry but we need your sn to help you)... 1 month turn around time in my book means they have such $%^&*stuff they are swamped with user complained so, I am coming to you guys to see about getting actual help.

vger, you are as broken as star trek the motion picture.
16gm of ram in a $2000 gb gaming system doesn't change how a low resource system works yet not impact video games like doom eternal. Read the OP

Evan Omo
I already did a full 100% fresh install of windows 10 reformatting and reinstalling everything.
Nothing is over clocked as I dont need that.

system details?
OS - Windows 10
CPU - Intel Core i7-8700k CPU @3/70GHZ 3.70GH
Ram - 16GM, probably nothing special, what ever was normal in low end gaming rigs last year.
Graphics - GeForce RTX 2080 (like I said, low end for last year)
Storage 1tb ssd for OS, 4tb normal hd for programs and the rest.
Not open for further replies.