After runing a [ sfc /scannow ] Finding [ CBS files ] 36,000 pages of

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Sep 8, 2019
After running a [ SFC / scannow ] in PowerShell I see [ CBS Files ] over 36,000 pages of looping redirecting ect ..So I format using a flash drive in Windows 10 Home /after I ran a [Microsoft Safety Scanner. ] and getting over 2,600 of looping / redirecting with this error code [ code 0x00000005 Exception code ] the thread is one that microsoft wont let you comment on I have a snap shot of it .To me it looks like the [ svchost.exe ] or the [ svchost ] is taking over my PC .In addition this Hacker[ illegibly ] with the IP [ ] is trying to remove financial data and was caught .However this just mad matters worse . I do have the origin and the address of the aforementioned Hacker . However this person has excellent skills as you will see .This is what came with your email , when I registered [ Help Forum ] Can you please take a few minutes to look at the data I have sent to you .I do have much more .I didn't want to overwhelm you with my first thread. All of my financial data and personal data is being sent to their IP ..
Thank you so very much

code 0x00000005 Exception code.
Exception code 0xc0000005 is one of the most common errors associated with any version of the Windows operating systems. The occurrence of the error simply makes it impossible for your computer to execute a process that you initiate, meaning that you cannot continue doing whatever it is that you were doing.

"STOP: 0x00000005"
The STOP 0x00000005 error may also be abbreviated as STOP 0x5 but the full STOP code will always be what's displayed on the blue screen STOP message.
If Windows is able to start after the STOP 0x5 error, you may be prompted with a Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown message that shows:


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Jul 19, 2016
Please read this and provide logs as requested.

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