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Solved added hardrive not working

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Jun 8, 2020
I have a homemade video jukebox with xp on it because i dont use the internet.My C&D drives are full so i got a 500GB IDE hardrive to add more videos.The problem is when i hook it up it sins but i get this message on the screen.Can someone tell me what that means and can it be fixed.The hardrive is a WD 500GB


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wow, an IDE drive, wil have to brush the cobwebs off the grey matter for this.

so you are trying to add this new drive as a secondary drive?
have you cabled it correctly?
on the drive already in use, change its jumpers and set it to master and set the 500GB drive to slave.
with the jumpers set, it shouldn't matter where on the IDE ribbon cable you plug the drives into - otherwise it will.

also get into BIOS and make sure to set the boot order and place the original drive before the 500GB one.

if that all gets the 'PC' to boot, then format the new drive.
shoot, sorry guys, must have completely missed these posts.

so, Dewser, you adjusted the jumpers of both drives and have them connected to on the same IDE ribbon cable to the mobo?

if so, other things to try; put the original drive, jumpered as Master on the middle port of the IDE cable, and put the new 500GB drive, jumpered as Slave at the end.
the IDE cable will have 3 plugs, maybe labelled but if not, the mobo one is by itself and the hard drive ones are closer together at the other end.

some ribbon cable plugs may not have the blocked off pin port that stops them going in the wrong way, so make sure pin 1 of the motherboard slot lines up with the red line which should be on one edge of the ribbon cable. same for the hard drives, make sure the plug is orientated correctly into the drive. (*** - IDE was a b*tch!)

and in the BIOS you have the old drive configured as the 1st boot drive?

was the 500GB drive new as in never used?
if so, it will need formatting first but that shouldn't give that error you are seeing as the drive shouldn't be accessible as far as booting goes.
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what about all the other stuff I mentioned - done all that?
what's the age of that 500GB - there will be a sticker on it that would say the manufacturing date, or if it's a Seagate, there will be a code that needs converting.
I dont know how they did it and i cant get that far on the screen to format it.The thing is im not a good computer person will not lie.Some of the things you have told me make a whole lot of sense to someone that knows what they are talking about but for me it makes hardly any sense to my dumb *** lol
no sweat Dewser, let's get back to basics then.

if you get stuck on what anyone has said, never hesitate to ask questions, we've all been there at some point.
also, let Google and YouTube be your friends, there is a wealth of knowledge out there.

so, tell us where you are up to and what needs further explaining.

usually when you buy a new drive it is unformatted, so as long as the PC isn't trying to use that 'new' drive, it shouldn't affect the boot sequence.
because you ARE getting that message only when the drive is connected, I think it is cabled wrong.

and feel free to add attach pictures if needed.
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