Repair Windows problems with FixMy10

Repair Windows problems with FixMy10 2.1.2

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In this guide we will look at a Windows 8 & 10 utility called FixMy10 which may help those with problems with Windows 8 &10 such as
  • Unable to create restore points
  • messed up file associations
  • Corrupted system files
  • non functional component store
  • system restrictions
  • internet connection problems
  • bad hosts file
  • etc, etc
FixMy10 is freeware, portable, and contains files for use on 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 8 & 10. To try it out grab a copy HERE.

If you are unsure if your version of Windows is 32 or 64 bit have a look HERE

FixMy10 comes as a compressed or zip download so decompress it and open the newly created folder. Double click the appropriate file for your version of windows and FixMy10 will open.

Should any security warnings appear you can safely allow FixMy10 to run.

FixMy10 opens at the "Home" screen and displays its three common, or core utilities where you can
  • Create Restore Point
  • Fix corrupted System Files
  • Repair the Component Store
It would be highly recommended to create a restore point before using any fix or repair offered by this application.

Moving across to the "File Association Fixer" tab there are several pages of common file association formats that are sometimes subject to corruption due to program changes or other factors. Clicking "Fix" on an incorrectly working association should restore it back to the Windows default.

The "Restriction Fixer" tab will check, and can remove, any modified Windows settings that may prevent the user from accessing functions of the Operating system. Click "Scan" to check for restrictions, the select as required to reset the restriction back to Windows default setting.

Listed under the "Advanced" tab are many possible fixes for miscellaneous and reasonably common Windows issues. These are in various groups with some listed below.

As with any such so called repair utility care should be taken with the use of FixMy10. We mentioned earlier of the importance of creating a Restore Point before making any changes with this app, in fact it would be preferable to also make a system backup. That way everything is recoverable. It must also be noted that even though FixMy10 refers to "Malware" changing Windows settings or functions which it can do, FixMy10 is NOT a program to remove malware from your machine.

Also like other utilities FixMy10 may not repair every listed fix, but may make it easy for many users to cure some common Windows ailments without having to dive into the depths of the operating system.

If your system has symptoms similar to those listed in FixMy10 give it a run, it may well turn into a keeper for you?

Should you have any questions on this guide or any computer issues please do not hesitate to ask in our forums.
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