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    Soundbar or Speaker?

    There are cheapo ones like the Avantree soundbar I had which was cited here, but if you want to invest a little more then yeah go for a soundbar with an external subwoofer. Mind if it can decode DTS and Dolby too.
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    Looking for upgrading as my old sytem (i5-6500) is bottlenecked.

    Hey there mate. Decent built you got there. i7-9700k would be an awesome option if you have the budget to spend. Though my concerns are about your monitor. Don't get me wrong 144hz is awesome for games, but for new games that have high requirements. PUBG is not one of those games. It's online...
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    just check youtube videos, they are a lot concerning cs gaming controllers
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    Solved Wireless Keyboard lagging after Windows clean install

    keep the keyboard and mouse within one foot of the receiver. If that doesn't help, ensure that no other electronics sit between your peripherals and the receiver. Other devices can lead to interference with the signal, often causing performance delays and lag.
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    Retrieving photos and files off an old hard drive

    yes, that's a good point
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    Forum Fun Random Picture Thread

    Oooh that grin you have on your face after seeing you got better gears. LOL. #LongLiveAndVapeOn
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    Forum Fun Insult kit

    Lol. Thanks, I will definitely sound more refined when I'm insulting somebody from now on.
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    Why is my laptop making sizzling noises and a bit warm?

    I agree, better leave it to experts. It may still be covered by free repair warranty since it was just bought last year. (mine has 3-yr warranty)
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    Can I use a prepaid debit card on a postpaid T-Mobile Plan?

    Good to know. OnePlus 6T is an awesome phone, but I'm not totally 100% Android Pie fan. Let us know your experience.
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    Freezing When Bumped

    I've read something like this on a forum months ago. It was because of a sensitive hard drive. What's your laptop model?
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    Do download managers use up more data than browsers?

    Ooh alright. An interesting info to note. Thanks, @jmarket :)
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    Do download managers use up more data than browsers?

    This is connected to another thread posted here, where it was pointed out that download managers download faster than browsers (source thread here). Does this mean that download managers eat up more data than browsers when it comes to downloading?